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A Prayer for Birth ♥

November 18, 2009

On this Day,
This Day of My Birth
This Day I am Born Anew.
This Day that Begins With Each Breath,
This Day that is the Rest of My Life.
On This Day I Will Trust
That Everything I Do Is Exactly Right.
And Whatever Comes My Way Is Good.
That Whatever I Choose Is the Absolute Best Choice
Each and Every Moment.
I Live My Life In Trust and Love.
I Give Thanks For Everything I Am.
I Give Thanks for All That Is.

I Weep At Your Feet, O Angel Of Life,
Angel of Death.
I Weep With Deep Gratitude
And Great Joy.

Love Fills Me To The Brim.

And I Know This Love

Is Everywhere.
It Fills Every Space,
Is Every Breath
Is The Heart and Breadth and Depth
And Soul of Every Man,
Every Plant, Every Rock, Every Living,
Breathing Thing,
And All That Is Inanimate, too.
Let This Nourish Me.
Let Me See Myself As
Perfect. Pure. Living In Love. Divine.
The Perfect Reflection Of All That Is.
With Praise and Thanks,
I Love.


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