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November 21, 2009

When I came back from Teo the feelings were so strong in me.
I Choose Heaven!
I Am Never Going Back to Hell!
They Still Are.

Even now, as I find Hell trying to work it’s way back in.
I Fight for my Life on a Daily Basis.
My Warrior Stands Guard at Every Turn.
The Battle for the King and Queen to remain
in their Rightful Places on the Thrones in Their Kingdom wages.

And then,
All of the Sudden,
Everything Shifts and there is total Surrender.
I (the Rebel, the Victim Child, the Parasite) stop fighting
the Truth of What Is,
And Love Appears Again! (and Again! and Again!)

And That’s All There Is.
Those Moments of Grace
Continue to Grow
into Hours, Days, Months.
I Let Them.

It is a big piece of work for me to
Love and Accept whatever comes my Way
with the Breadth and Heart and Depth of
My Whole Soul.
I can do it belly up, in a naive sort of way.
But I am Tired of that Now.

I want to Grow Up.
I want to Know Both Sides of the Coin
And Choose,
From that Place of Love,
With the Whole of Who I Am.

I Start out Small
And Am Patient with Myself.
And Little by Little, (in Leaps and Bounds, too),
this thing We Call Love
Grows Stronger in Me.

It is almost Winter now.
Darkness Transcends the Light.
It is Time to go Inward,
Grow My Roots Deep into the Earth
And Patiently Wait
The Arrival of Spring.

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  1. February 22, 2010 7:19 pm

    Hello dear friend, seems this year, we all need to be patient for spring to arrive. I enjoyed this poem very much, it came from heart and sat on mine. You are sending me to bed with a smile now, isn’t it amazing how each one of us, seek that place of love and grace, when sky always is blue and no distance seems far and no stranger is really a strange. love and a big hug, beautiful Kristy. Serena

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