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November 28, 2009

The end of an Emotional Clearing workshop. It was suggested that my new parent, the one I had so lovingly created inside myself the past two days, might be inclined to buy some small gift for the little girl inside, something endearing to show her his love.

The suggestion went over my head until a few days later, when I remembered and thought: “What would I (little Kristy) like?”
It came in a flash, ‘A set of Jacks.”

I went to three shops, searching for Jacks, and found a set in the shop I used to take my son Trevor to after school when he was little to buy pieces of candy or small toys as a special treat. (I also treated little K to an ice cream cone next door to the shop that day, it was a very special outing.)

I brought the Jacks home, played with them a little, and then set them in a ramekin on the breakfast table near my seat so I could enjoy them often. I have played with them more than a few times now, and each time has been an opportunity to re-connect in Love with my little one.

The other day, as I was picking up pups for a walk, one of my clients, who is also a good friend, surprised me with a belated birthday gift, totally unexpected, out of the blue. I sensed it was something special and asked if I could open it there, in her home. She was thrilled I wanted to, and happily invited me in. I made myself comfortable on her couch, and held the beautifully wrapped box in my hands for some time, before I unwrapped it.

Inside, was a small silk pouch, with the word ‘Jacks Set’ silk-screened in gold letters.

I carefully opened the pouch, and out spilled the Jacks, the most beautiful set I have ever seen; two pewter acorns, two pewter wisteria seeds, two brass pine cones and two brass twigs, each piece a work of art.

My eyes filled with tears. I looked at my friend, knowing that my birth father and my new father were present here, speaking through her with this gift of Love.

The details of what happened next aren’t so important. What is important is I can feel my father loved me dearly. And my new father is showing me the way. Perhaps if I am patient, delete the need to know, trust that all things unfold perfectly in their own time, and set my intent to be open to whatever comes my way with Love and Gratitude, I find whatever I need whenever I need it. And that, when I take good care of myself with Love and Appreciation, Life becomes more beautiful than I could have ever possibly imagined.
♥ Kristy

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