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Staying the Course, Letting My Heart Lead the Way

January 19, 2012

Everything we meet on the path is an opportunity to heal, especially the things that take us off course.

How do we stay true to ourselves in the moments we are bowled over or our feet aren’t touching the ground? When we lose ourselves what brings us into alignment, sets our course again in the direction we want to be going?

For me, it’s a feeling within, a knowing. A not-in-my-head knowing, an in-my-heart knowing. An in-my-soul feeling. I feel it in every cell of my being when I am on course, aligned with purpose. And that’s where I want to be.
When I’m not sure I’m on the right track I’ll ask myself, ‘Am I on purpose? Is what I’m doing, thinking, seeing, being, believing, serving my soul’s purpose?’ If it doesn’t I stop, make adjustments, trim the sails, figure out what will bring me back on course. Sometimes I don’t know what the answer is. Sometimes
it’s as simple as getting a good night’s sleep after an exhausting day. It could be that facing a big fear and speaking my heart will bring me to purpose. Whatever it is that delivers me to myself is what I continue moving forward with, often times moment by precious moment, staying the course, trusting my heart’s knowing, letting that lead the way home. ♥


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