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You Are the World.

October 19, 2013


You ARE the World!
You ARE the Stars!
The Gifts of Heaven are in YOUR Eyes!

Let the Gifts of Heaven Shine through You.
That is Why you are Here, Beloved.
To Shine.
It doesn’t matter how Small your Offering
Or how Big your Radiance Is
One Beam of Light
One Millimeter
Can Ignite the World on Fire.
It doesn’t Matter how Long it takes.
Even if, in the Spanse of a Lifetime
It only happens Once
It is Enough.
When you make this Real
You will Know what I Mean.
Stop Reining Yourself In
Remove the Barriers when you Can
Let them Crumble back into the Dust
From Which they Came.
Let Love Shine Through You.
Even if you must go to the Depths of your
Even when you Can’t find your Way through the Muck
To Breathe the Fresh Air again
Keep Trying.
Never Give Up.
Even when you Give Up.
Every Breath You Take For Yourself
Every Step, Contains Unmeasurable

❤ kt


These Hands

June 19, 2012

These hands
weathered from leashes
hard work
and water
are loved

They are older now
as the memories
of youth

I take a deep breath
for today

♥ kt

Allowing the un…

March 7, 2012

Allowing the unknowing to unfold is authentic awakening. This is not an aha, this is a yawn and a stretch and a get up in the morning and go with both soles of the feet on the ground and anImage anchoring in the body. This is a not knowing what’s going to happen next and looking forward to meeting it. It’s having faith, in the heart, in the soul, in the self. ♥ kt

I feel depth to…

March 6, 2012
I feel depth today I’m not used to.
Stillness, calm.
At first it felt strange,
I wasn’t sure I liked it,
Thought maybe something was
Nope, I said to myself.
Something is Right. ❤ ktImage

Where the magic happens

January 30, 2012

as my walls come down i stand naked in my innocence, shed pretense, drop defense, heart words come easy, spill from me, i am not afraid. 

my soul sings so softly, so sweetly, those who come toward me bear tidings of great love, acceptance, invitations to dance.

this is not felt only in the words we speak, it is felt in our bodies. a language of truth, trust, we share our falls from grace with one another, knowing we are not alone, we are together. ♥ ktImage

It has been my humble experience…

January 22, 2012
It has been my humble experience that when we grow and change inside, we begin to see things outside us differently………we come to have more compassion, understanding and love for what we can and cannot change, and we begin to live accordingly. In this way, we are not necessarily attracting nor detracting ‘events’ to or from our lives, rather, we are in harmony with what shows up and how we choose to be in relationship with it. For me, happiness is not being in a state of lah lah land, happiness is when I am open, available and willing to meet life as it arises within and without me. ♥ kt


January 20, 2012

Perhaps we are fluid and moving. Perhaps we are tinier than a cell and vast as the universe. Perhaps I am developed in one area and not another. Perhaps in one area I excel and in another I am not so strong and it has nothing to do with age. Perhaps where I am young you might be mature and can help me. Perhaps sometimes I can also help you. Perhaps we are all on the same path and in different places at different times on that path. Perhaps we are fluid and moving. Perhaps we are tinier than a cell and vast as the universe. ♥ kt